Divorce or Marital Dissolution

In order to dissolve a marriage the parties must obtain a divorce decree and a judgement. A complaint must be prepared and filed with the appropriate Probate and Family Court.    If you have lived in Massachusetts 1 year before filing the divorce a court can legally enter a judgement of divorce on your behalf.  A judge will award a divorce based upon either fault grounds or a no fault action. The case significant issues are alimony, asset division, child support, custody, and children visitation.

Will it take me long time to get a divorce?

The best answer is it depends.   You may not get a hearing for at least 6 months after filing the complaint in a contested no fault divorce.  Once you get a divorce decree nisi judgement,  then you will still be legally married for a period of 90 days.  This is known as the “waiting period”.    You will not be free to remarry until the end of that 90 days.

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